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Welcome to Gem's White Labs. Puppies for sale and for service .
We are proud of our dogs and strive to       breed for the best dog you will ever make a part of your family. 24 years of breeding for the most loving, calm, sweet working dog who's only pleasure is to please you. We breed for health and intelligence but still striving for the most beautiful dog you will ever own. All our dogs are AKC, OFA & Eye cert back ground. Our rating on are dogs we use for our breeding program are E,G,F
We do all we do as unto the Lord Jesus and  pray that GOD is glorified by all that we do.
Our puppies and dogs speak for themselves  to the hard work and dedication we have put in to our breeding program. Let us help you pick the next member of your family and the next love of your life.There is nothing quite like the English  Labrador Retriever.
  Call 951 785 7860

Hurricane Retired Grandsire
All our dogs are smart, loving, calm, very devoted,well minored and eager to please.They come to you loved and adored and with a prayer that the love will continue for new owner and new puppy.Heath also is a top priority to the best of our ability.Our goal Is to bring the right puppy to the right home.For the family pet or for service work, they are ready and willing companions .